Why you should choose Barça Erling

MQUBCarles Fortis

Hello Erling, I am a FC Barcelona fan and I’m writing in this humble blog to tell you with great affection that you should sign for Barça, and I will tell you why. Surely you don’t know the city of Barcelona, from the outset you would come to the best city in the world. I’m sure that as a Norwegian, you will be very comfortable. It has the Mediterranean sea, the city, and the mountains. Catalonia is a great country where live great people and where you would adapt perfectly to the Catalan culture as well as the Spanish culture. But the best of all this is the Fc Barcelona’s club, which is the best club in the world, and which also plays the best player in the world, Leo Messi. Are you going to miss it?

Can you imagine playing with Messi, the best player in the world, in the largest stadium in Europe? You would score so many goals at every game that you would lose count. You could win a golden boot every year for sure and I also think that you would win more than one golden ball. I know that you are a winner. I believe that you will be able to lead the new Barça that is coming, a team with many talented young players that can mark a winning era for the next 10 years, and we want you to be in this project. Do not just look at the money and don’t be fooled by other teams that don’t respect their players no matter how many Champions they have. Also, your friend and brother Odegaard does not play for Madrid and they made him come back to not play anymore, Zidane didn’t trust him. Then, they signed Mbappé who is French, and also Benzema is the coach’s favorite. Do you think you are going to play there?

Therefore sign for FC Barcelona. Talk to your representative and let the new president of FC. Barcelona, Joan Laporta, tell you about the club. You will not regret coming here. The best players in the world have passed through Barça, Cruyff, Maradona, Messi among many others, and you will not be an exception. Cheer Haaland and come to Barcelona.


Por Carles Fortis